About Us

Breaking Bits Security specializes in application security assessments, reverse engineering and source code review. Our clients range from small startups that just graduated from Y Combinator to Fortune 500 companies with mission critical software requirements. We particularly like working with small teams to mature their security preparedness.

Our objective is to put our extensive experience to work in ensuring that you don’t wake up to a damaging headline about your company’s security posture. However, we also aim to improve our clients’ security awareness and competency and believe assessments are ideally both collaborative and educational.

Why We’re Different

We don’t have salespeople or junior consultants – every assessment has a managing principal working on it. We pride ourselves on having a deep technical proficiency that is sorely lacking in other security firms, many of which which primarily run automated scans and bill for reports. As a small but capable team, we devote significant attention and resources to every company we work with, and we prioritize long term collaboration.

Information security requires context-specific risk management, not just rote scanner output. Each report we provide includes detailed testing methodology, impact severity explanation, reproduction steps and appropriate steps for remediation. We strive to not only report serious, actionable findings but to also deliver education and guidance so that those findings are less likely to occur in the future.

Working With Us

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you be more secure, please contact us!